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The car hire industry in Spain has suffered a major setback as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, as have all the other services dependent on tourism. What can we expect from the car rental after covid?

As of today, we have already started de-escalating in phases and with the risks quite controlled; trade is gradually starting to open the tap of the economy.

In the case of the car rental sector in Spain, the situation will be more complex due to the possible lack of confidence among travellers and the decrease in the flow of tourists from other countries.

car rental after covid-19
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The car rentals which adapt to the change will win

Faced with critical situations, the only way out is a large dose of ingenuity, creativity to get ahead; and it is precisely the ingenious and creative who will be the winners in this crisis.

Life is changing in our faces, and this crisis has been a catalyst that is accelerating the process of change, and everything points towards a better way of doing things. The car rental industry still has a way of operating that generates a lot of mistrust in the consumer, and this is a golden opportunity to turn the tables.

The customer will look beyond the price

There is no expert or guru who can guarantee consumer loyalty forever, even by offering good prices, the customer will now value more the cleanliness of the cars, self-service, and collection and return points at strategic points.

In that sense, the role of car rental price comparison will be decisive in this new era of the car rental industry.

Cars cleaned and disinfected

The new consumer will value cleanliness above any other factor when choosing a car rental company. Car rental companies will need to invest resources in ensuring that the cars delivered are fully sanitised.

Ultraviolet disinfection and ozone disinfection are innovative alternatives which could have an application in the sector.

More self-service, less counter

The counter is one of the environments that generate most anxiety and stress for both consumers and sales agents in car rentals. The new consumer will repel any attempt at compulsive sales at the counter, but will instead value help in the process of collecting and returning the rental car.

In a short time, the new consumer will opt for a self-service car rental without the intervention of people, similar to bank ATMs.

Pick up and drop off spots

The proximity will be a decisive factor when choosing a rent a car in Spain, the new consumer will value being able to collect and return the rental car in places close to their accommodation, home or office.

Instead of having a large number of vehicles in the same point, the rent a car will make a distribution in spots closer to the users. The rental offices as we know them will change shape and become hubs where the fleet is managed, as consumers will pick up the cars at petrol stations, shopping centres and car parks.

Car rental companies that are aware of the changes in consumer habits will lead this new era and change the rules of the game.

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