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Have you ever based your purchasing decision on the choices of other users? I’m sure you have. In the ranking of the best car rental companies Spain, we will see rent a car loved and hated by Trustpilot users.

The assessment and opinion of users is a currency for both companies that care about offering a good service and a spotlight for other users who need extra information to make their purchase decision.

For both companies and users, opinion platforms have become an extremely useful tool, one to determine which companies they trust, and the other to demonstrate that they are trustworthy companies.

Power is (literally) in the hands of the user

best car rental companies spain
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Today, the user has the power to value a public service instantly, so he rewards or punishes the company that has offered him the service. If he has received a good service, he will love that company. On the other hand, if the experience has been bad, he will hate it and encourage other users to avoid using the services of this company. And all this by touching a few stars on your mobile phone.

Opinion platforms

There are many feedback platforms, the most popular and reliable are Trustpilot, eKomi and Google Reviews; there are also some business directories such as Cylex or Yalwa that include a feedback section.

In the car rental sector, firms such as Travel Jigsaw and Cartrawler collect user opinions which serve as a guide to determine the level of customer satisfaction.

Car rentals, a questionable sector in terms of reputation

In markets as competitive as Spain’s, where price is more important than service, the quality of service tends to be affected by the volume of operations; not because they are inefficient companies, but because their focus is on getting the user a cheaper price, even if this means a poor quality service.

This reality takes its toll on a large number of car hire companies that do not adequately manage their online reputation and customer relations, affecting the sector as a whole. From the user’s perspective, they assess whether they have received what they have been offered, and whether the service and the vehicle have lived up to their expectations.

Ranking of the best car rental companies Spain, according to Trustpilot users

Low cost, premium car rental companies and brokers

Car rental companiesOpinionsTrustScore
Wiber Rent a Car138624,7
Orlando Rent a Car38504,2
Record go29133,0
Car rental companies with over 1,000 reviews by Trustpilot

Local car rental companies

Car Rental CompaniesOpinionsTrustScore
Malco Rent a Car574.7
Brunos Car Rental194.6
Flamenca Cars374.5
Miami Car Hire174.4
Solo Rent a Car124.4
Coyz Rent a Car84.1
Auto Valls34.0
Del Paso Car Hire2262.4
Dickmanns Rent a Car2841.6
Europcar España2461.3
Car rental companies with less than 1,000 opinions by Trustpilot

To be among the best car rental companies Spain, good service is what counts

Not to mention a solid online reputation, is a luxury that few car hire companies can afford, as over 95% of car hire bookings are made over the internet, and the user of these services is less and less loyal to brands and more and more faithful to their own expectations.

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